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Kevin J. Padilla was born in Joliet, Illinois. Now residing in Los Angeles ca. A self taught painter, artist. Believes that with each brush stroke you come closer to understanding the world around you. The beauty that catches our eyes and warms the soul, to the beauty that hides cleverly away. That if sought out and found, it will light up our hearts and inspire our lives with profound new perspectives on how we see the world. With Kevin's mixture of styles and choice of complex colors and intriguing composition. Pulls not only your eyes but your mind and soul into a realm of wonder and distinguished beauty. 

Kevin J.Padilla 
The Intensity of Bright rainbow skies, majestic mountains, landscapes filled with life. to towering skyscrapers and building that display never-ending hues and character of the city. Kevin Padilla’s painting are Influenced by the great impressionist and many other great artists of our times.  Padilla’s mixture of technique and his ultimate love of color allows him to express his own style and explore new ways of portraying the world around us. Padilla being a self-taught artist since he can remember.  Picked up the paintbrush seriously in 2009, and has been dedicated to his vision ever since 
“I paint to be free; I Allow myself to be me. I paint to show the soul of my subject so the others may see the beauty I see. I paint so people can remember that there is so much beauty in this world even in the darkest of times. Even if just only for a moment my art touches their soul, that is worth more to me than anything. To make the world a better place is my goal with my art”.   KP